Heritage Village

The most interesting part of going around Taal town proper is having to see the heritage houses that allow people to travel back in time as their unique exquisiteness from the olden days was preserved for the present generation to catch a glimpse of.

Some of these heritage houses were turned into museums, others into galleries, a couple of them were transformed into gift shops. But in general, these heritage houses serve as concrete proofs of the rich cultural heritage passed on from one generation to the succeeding one.

The Heritage Village will open doors to Taaleños’ colorful way of life in the past.

  • Marcela Agoncillo Museum

  • Gregorio Agoncillo Mansion

  • Goco House

  • Don Apacible Museum

  • Villa Tortuga

  • Villa Severina

  • Estacio Ancestral House

  • Orosa House

  • Galleria Taal

  • Casa Dela Rosa

  • Villavicencio House

  • Ylagan-Dela Rosa House

  • Casa Ofelia

  • La Casa de Dimaano

  • Casa Conchita

  • Villavicencio Wedding Gift House

  • Okada-Barrion Salazar House

  • Casa Punzalan

  • Cabrera House

  • Gen. Ananias Diokno House

  • Casa Gahol

  • De la Vega House

  • Taaleñas Antique Shop

  • Bazaar de Taal