Dine - Stay - Explore


Familiarize yourself with culinary goodness best experienced here in Taal. Looking for places to dine? Visit the following.

  • Don Juan BBQ

  • Taal Bistro

  • Taal Bayview Bistro

  • Casa Conchita

  • Casa Cecilia

  • Cafe Francisco

  • Taal Public Market


If going around Taal for a day is not enough for you, there are accommodations in town suited for every budget.

  • Abby’s Garden Resort

  • Little Bridge Resort

  • Taal Imperial Hotel and Resort

  • Casa Cecilia Hotel

  • Casa Herencia

  • Casa Punzalan

  • Villa Severina

  • Villa Tortuga

  • A&B

  • Orlando

  • La Zanti

  • Sweet Dreams


Aside from Basilica of St. Martin de Tours and the heritage houses, there are still other attractions and sites you have to discover to make the most of your Taal visit.

  • Our Lady of Caysasay Shrine

  • Old Taal Church Ruins

  • Escuela Pia

  • Well of Sta. Lucia

  • Balay Hilot

  • Casa Real (Municipal Building)

  • MGM Farms