products in taal
These are the products and culinary delights that make Taal worth every visit!

  • Adobo sa dilaw
  • – just like the usual adobo but cooked with turmeric or luyang dilaw that gives this dish its yellow color

  • Balisong
  • – folding pocket knife a.k.a. butterfly knife

  • Barong Tagalog and Burdang Taal
  • – Filipino formal wear accentuated with hand-embroidered patterns

  • Empanada
  • – local pocket pies with chicken, pork, or vegetable filling

  • Longganisa
  • – a local sausage made of ground pork, stuffed in pig intestine, and tied into several portions

  • Panutsa
  • – sweet discs of peanut and caramelized sugar

  • Sinaing na tulingan
  • – one of the most famous dishes in the province, having the abundance of tulingan (mackerel tuna) in the waters of Batangas

  • Suman
  • – one sticky rice variant shaped into tube and wrapped in banana leaves

  • Tamales
  • – milled glutinous rice with pork strips, egg slices, and peanut paste

  • Tapang Taal
  • – pork marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and calamansi

  • Tsokolate (tableya)
  • – cocoa tablet (used in the Filipino dish, champorado) or the rich chocolate drink