Panutsa: Sweet and Simple Taal Deli

panutsaIsn’t it nice to have something sweet and palate-satisfying without anything too complicated? Oh, just imagine nibbling panutsa!

Taal’s sweet deli is the counterpart of Baguio’s infamous peanut brittle. Made of caramelized brown sugar and whole peanuts, this delicacy is one good choice for a sweet fixation.

Some people have it as snack, some as dessert. But it’s always as good as it is no matter what time of the day you choose to have a bite. Panutsa is available in different sizes between small bite-sized up to as huge as a regular plate.

Panutsa has been a longtime favorite among Filipinos. And here in Taal, the barangays of Seiran, Kawit, Laguile, and Latag are known for making really good panutsa.

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