Agriculture Department

Maribel O. Simara
Municipal Agriculturist
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Department Duties

Services Offered



Response Time



Person Responsible

Distribution of seeds and seedlings Request seeds and seedlings Distribute planting materials

1 min.


All MAO employees

Treat sick animals Consult sick animals Inspection/

Observation of sick animals

Treatment if sick animals

Injection of veterinary drugs

5 mins.

10 mins.


LI and trained farm worker

Give disease prevention measures for livestock animals Request for disease prevention Vaccination of large animals

Injection of Hemosep Vaccine

5 mins.

Healthy animals

Trained vaccinator

Issue Veterinary Health Certificates Secure veterinary Health Certificate/Livestock Shipping Permit Inspection

Issuance of Veterinary Health Certificate/

Livestock Shipping Permit

5 mins.

5 mins.


P50.00 per animal



Give anti-rabies vaccination Secure dog vaccination

Certificate of Registration

Rabies Control through injection of rabies vaccine

Issuance of Cert. of Dog Registration

2 mins.

5 mins.

3 mos. old dog

3 mos. old dog

P20.00 per dog

Trained vaccinator