Balisong, the Folding Pocket Knife is Taal’s Pride

Tall, Batangas Balisong

One of the things often associated with Batangueños is balisong. The folding pocket knife that is proudly Philippine-made is among the popular products of Taal.

Balisong, a.k.a. butterfly knife, is considered a symbol of Batangueño courage. It’s just plain figurative association though. It is not true that everywhere a Batangueño goes, he has with him a balisong.

There are a good number of sizes to choose from. From the cutest one that dangles on a key chain to the one as long as a samurai. Need to see all these? Head down to Taal, specifically in Brgy. Balisong where these knives are made.


  1. Charisse Dueñas says:

    Can i have the history of barangay balisong? Thanks.

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